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Desc:Men stay just as ugly as ever
Category:Science & Technology, News & Politics
Tags:women, chicks, broads, skirts, baby makers
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Comment count is 17
"a successful man is able to better take care of a woman and her offspring..whatever that means."

if you dont comprehend that, well..frankly i am worried. it is not a phrase that is hard to understand.

It means that scientists agree that "success" in life is measured by the man's ability to make money and the woman's ability to have sex and make babies.

If that's the case, then evolution is not working properly where i live.
Can Fox run something where they implicitly accept evolution? Won't that risk angering their fan-base?
Any anger was countered by pictures of swimsuit models.

This is an example of microevolution. Macroevolution -- where monkeys turn into people and Czechs turn into cockroaches -- is a myth. (Actually they're technically right that macroevolution is a myth, but not for the reasons they think it is.)

Please do not elucidate your thoughts when you have no real understanding of the words you are using. Read more.

I don't really see what was wrong with that, when you take the humor into account. I believe Bort was saying that when people say "microevolution happens but macroevolution doesn't", they are misusing the terms.

Evolution is evolution. Macro- and micro- can refer to different time scales, but context is required. So when people say that macroevolution is a myth, they are ironically perpetuating the myth that these terms refer to separate processes. And they are assuming that what constitutes a "species" is always clear.

pastorofmuppets, you are correct. "Microevolution" and "macroevolution" essentially mean "examples of evolution we cannot deny" and "examples of evolution we want to deny", which is to say, "macroevolution" is a garbage concept. There's just evolution.

Walt Henderson
This phenomenon has my full approval.
It is true because "scientists" did "research". That is all you need to know.

I would like a government grant to study swimsuit and lingerie models. Where do I apply?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This means more men will be forced into TFL.

The League of Plastic Surgical Artists will not stand for this genetic threat to their profits. Breed, uglies, breeeeeeed!!!
Don't worry, man. Wisconsin is on this like stink on shit. Nothin' but fat, squishy white people makin' ugly babies.

Wait...this isn't an Onion skit?
Sometimes scientists do really dumb studies with scant evidence to back them up. Not everyone's cut out for the Nobel-earning stuff.

Of course, it's precisely that stuff that ends up on the "news" every day.

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