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Desc:Cowboys vs Dinosaurs - the eternal struggle.
Category:Classic Movies, Pets & Animals
Tags:stop-motion, dinosaurs, Cowboys, Ray Harryhausen
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Comment count is 10
Childhood nostalgia would have made me five-star this video, but I distinctly remember being feverish the first time I saw the movie as a kid. Now every time it's on TV, I feel sick.

Withholding my rating because I don't want to down-vote an otherwise insane premise that Ray Harryhausen had his hand in.
Caminante Nocturno
So, who else felt incredibly sad when Gwangi died?

There's a really cute little horse (an eohippus) in this.
Plan B
El Diablo may indeed be the cutest Harryhausen creation of all time.

Doesn't "Bob" Dobbs have a (uncredited) cameo somewhere in this?
Wow, was that the whole movie?

No, but really. I love those special effects.
Hollywood would never have the guts to make a western with dinosaurs today. But I'll bet anybody there's a remake in the works. Stars are for evil and cool.
Big Muddy
Also known as "Attack of the Giant Gila Golan" or "Tex-Mex Tyrannosaurus"

At 0:57 that mildly startled "oh" as you're flung 400ft to the rocks below and your bones are picked clean.

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