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Desc:I have no idea what this is, but the first half is worth watching for the... mood it sets?
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:falling, fat, creepy, Fat People, dude you okay?
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Comment count is 17
The music is perfectly off-putting.
Is that a Zoogz Rift song?

For more creepy use of music and footage, vote this guy out of the hopper:

infinite zest
w/r/t the fat DDR kid, he's simply awesome and doesn't belong in this compilation of fatties
Well they did get him falling down earlier.

But holy shit, looking at those fat gams fly.

I feel like I'm made the mandatory Silent Hill joke too many times now.

Somebody else can have this one.
There was a hole here?


I've been on the internet a couple of times in the last three years, so this video could have stopped at 4:43 and I wouldn't have missed anything. -1 for too long, -1 for a busted description --- some of them aren't fat, some of them don't fall, some aren't even anything but awesome.

What are we even looking at here?
Most if not all of them are fat or chubby, and the vast majority of them fall down eventually. Also, I did warn only to only watch the first half due to length.

That being said, I don't know what we are looking at here.

You HAVE to watch at least part of the second half, though there's a lot of repeats there's someone who seems to be winning one of those Dance Dance Revolutions machines. And they don't fall down.

If you don't think these people are fat then you have reverse anorexia. Every person in this video is obese, without exception.

Come on, fruit-pelt guy? That's 'fat people falling'? I guess my standards for comedic obesity have just reached some level of connoisseurship where he doesn't qualify. It's what POE has bred me for, and I won't apologize for my refined tastes, gentlemen!

And DDR dude is the OPPOSITE of what is advertised! "Most if not all", "vast majority"... I don't expect the 'vast majority' of my bag of Skittles to be candy! I do my very best to ensure that my slate of sexual conquests are somewhat more uniform than "most if not all" alive! Truth in advertising! Where is four-wheeler guy? Where is dirt bike Joey guy going down ramp? These, denizens and dwellers of POEtv, THESE, I submit, represent the horror of fat people falling. Stocky guy hit with fruit, man successfully dancing to the delight of others... this WILL NOT DO! (Well, it'll do OKAY, I guess, three stars.)

"There's a lot of repeats", you say! I say, whence came our stars so cheap? Whence dignity? Whence taste?! WHENCE?! To rate this seven-minute shrugathon upon the proud pedestal of Juggalo Baby Funeral, of Garbage Day, of POP! its very self?! GOOD DAY, sirs. Mesdames. I SAID GOOD DAY!

Somebody is fapping to this.
WTF? Is this some kind of wierd CIA project? Cause it worked. I have to favorite it now.
Goofy Gorilla
This what Tomas's dreams are like every night.
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