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Desc:White KKK Santa wants brothas to burn extra long in hell... or something, hell I don't know.
Tags:santa, christmas, satan, black people, Manuppowerup
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Comment count is 7
This guy is such a fucking retard. Watch his other videos and you'll be astonished this guy has enough brain capacity to even just make it through the day.
Don't we already have his 7 (34) Questions for Atheists? Frankly, with these two videos already on poeTV, all phalsebob needs to do is mention Manuppowerup in the title or description and it's a automatic up-vote from me.

'Powerup' is 'pure wop' backwards. Coincidence?
Ape rump now up.

Yes, because burning in hell for eternity just isn't long enough.
Seriously though, what is this guy going to do once he finds out about Zwarte Piet?
Wait... he doesn't mean lift weights and turn into a super saiyan?
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