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Desc:Promo for the game WET, Main character's victims sing about love at first sight.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:wet, Advertising, Trailers
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Comment count is 9
Cute but too long and it always makes me nervous when a video game ad doesn't show any actual game footage.
Great commercial.

But you are right to be nervous, the game looks generic.

Yeah, it's the Elisha Dushku game, it's almost contractually obligated to blow, but a decent ad nonetheless.
I'm anxious to see her naughty bits.

Alas, I do not think she will display them in the game.

Everything with Buffy alumn usually is.

(because Buffy sucked)

Not everything! The first Buffy game for the X-Box was a fun little brawler.

Why does that one guy have cheese pizza on his face?
She lobbed meth chemicals into it, hence the scream at the beginning.

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