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Desc:it will take anything you throw at it
Tags:toilet, flushing, american standard, 16 water wigglers
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Comment count is 22
DerangedGoblin - 2009-08-06
I have a vague obsession with soundtracks. If a shit movie has a great soundtrack, I like that movie a lot better. I will play some movie soundtrack over and over again, making various scenes funny, sad, exciting, romantic. Something as mundane as people playing basketball becomes epic!

That said, this is the most dramatically triumphant toilet I have ever seen.
DerangedGoblin - 2009-08-06
Also, I don't believe that's miso.

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2009-08-06
Neither do I.

But that man flushed 16 sex toys down the drain, and that gets my five stars.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2009-08-06
To be frank, the fact a market exists for a toilet capable of flushing a bucket of Fleshlights makes my mind boggle.

28 condoms filled with flour
1 kilo of clay cut into quarter ounce portions
A balaclava
2 kitchen knives
Roseanne Bar's turd
4 rolled up face towels

Tuan Jim - 2009-08-06
And a partridge in a pear tree!

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2009-08-06
motherfucker beat me to it

Ashenblade - 2009-10-24
I'm fairly sure that those weren't sex toys.

socialist_hentai - 2009-08-06
I have yet to see a turd in this video but five stars for the above comments and for demonstrating to me that american toilets are superior to ours.
zatojones - 2009-08-06
everything flushed in this video is meant to simulate various varieties of poop

petep - 2009-08-06
sometimes i shit and it's like thirty fistfuls of sand

usually on a saturday morning

can this toilet handle that

zatojones - 2009-08-06
I think the better question is can you ass handle that for much longer?

fluffy - 2009-08-06
I shit water wigglers all the time

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2009-08-06
The problem is that is assumes your pipes are all capable of handling these materials.
HankFinch - 2009-08-06
Ah... here's your problem. Sixteen water wrigglers. And your pipe is all semen encrusted, but you wouldn't know anything about that would'ya...

Hooker - 2009-08-06
So are we encouraging dumb Americans to flush more things that should actually be thrown out in the garbage? Because that's pretty shitty, pun particularly intended.
8bitwintermute - 2009-08-06
I haven't the faintest idea why you would need to flush that quantity of material, but then I eat a high fibre diet so what do I know
Jeriko-1 - 2009-08-06
Not one, but -sixteen- water wigglers!
Redlof - 2009-08-06
ADnova - 2009-08-06
We need to invent a new sport to take advantage of this toilet technology.
Perhaps stunt-eating combined with competitive vomiting? Somewhere there's a phenom who can swallow and then vomit 64 ballpoint pens and flush them down the wondertoilet.
Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2009-08-06
Russian Standard is a brand of vodka. American Standard is a brand of toilet.
Kumquatxop - 2009-08-06
this made me laugh harder than the actual video

MrBuddy - 2009-08-07
Five stars for the amusingly disturbing video. I apologize to those who left comments, I wish I had more than five stars to give to you, especially ADnova.
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