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Tags:Tom Waits, Heath Ledger, Jude Law, Johnny Deep, Colin Farrell
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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rollin coal on a prius
Comment count is 26
Tom Waits as the devil..five
the part he was born to play

The romantic interest is a 16 years old girl?

Somebody has been paying attention to target demographics.
she looks sort of like an alien with FAS though

This make Tim Burton's "Alice" look like pile of puke!
Even if this didn't existed, Burton's Alice would still look like shit.

Ooo, Johnny Deep's in this? I loved him in Nothin' But Cumshots 10.

The trailer was an auto-five. This makes it a seven.


Man, ever since Brothers Grimm he's been on a race to out-plagiarize his own plagiarists.
Binro the Heretic
Is this a movie Gilliam actually cared about or is it just another paycheck to fund one he does care about?
From all accounts, it's the former- it's a Gilliam/McKeown script, like Brazil and Munchausen. The reviews at Cannes were pretty mixed, but they always are for Gilliam movies, even the brilliant ones. If nothing else, it looks like this will be gorgeous and give Tom Waits a chance to ham it up like crazy, so I can't really see how it could fail.

Oh, but you clearly overestimate the moviegoing public. I'll probably go see it, I think.

Oh, I didn't mean FINANCIALLY. It's Gilliam, so I'm assuming it will flop on a historic scale no matter how great it is. I just meant it can't possibly fail to justify the ticket price for me and a few other sad obsessives.

I am an ant. I have over-stocked rubber trees. Everything must go!

Tom waits in more movies please.
Gilliam hasn't done anything good since Fear and Loathing, but this one do looks quite fine. Hopefully it delivers.
It "looks" like a lot of CGI HAUGALAUGULAGUH + JOHNNY DEPP. It looks like Tim Burton circa "Sleepy Hollow."

I hope to hell that it's more in line with Munchausen.

Some of the CGI does look kind of crappy, but i can live with that. Depp is a good actor too, he just spends too much time working with Burton.

Keith Ledger was a lousy jokker

What I like about this is that for every person involved this I hate (Colin Ferrel) there's like seven that I like immensely.

Plus Ferrel kinda started me hating him less with In Bruges.
Keith Ledger? jokker?

...just making sure....

Unmerciful Crushing Force
This reminds me that I need to go see Tideland to make sure that the Brazil Gilliam might still be alive somewhere.
I saw this movie stoned. It is so far the only time I've actually been stoned. I'm not sure if it made the movie better or worse, but I didn't like it either way.

After that I saw Santa Claus Conquers The Martians without any MST3k/RiffTrax/CT treatment and I had a legitimate freakout in during the shit-goes-crazy scene toward the end.
oh but Tom Waits was great in it

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