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Desc:I actually liked her position.
Category:Classic TV Clips, News & Politics
Tags:Africa, Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State, Im my own woman, Not my babys daddy
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Comment count is 14
Xenocide - 2009-08-12
"I'M the secretary of state, bitch. You wanna know what Bill is doing right now? Well, in nine months time when your wife gives birth to a suspiciously light-skinned baby, then you'll have a clue."
socialist_hentai - 2009-08-12

Ranma X. - 2009-08-12
If the subsequent reports about the incident are true, I imagine this clip be used in future U.N. Translation Training videos as this is pretty much the doomsday scenario for any interpreter.
Document - 2009-08-12
Yeah, this definitely sounds like a translation gone awry. Clinton could've at least offered the reporter a chance to rephrase the question or anything else, really. Instead she decided to rip out her headphones and act like a petulant child.

baleen - 2009-08-12

Too be fair she's a feminist and she gets asked this shit ALL THE TIME.
Being the "wife of" is no fun at all.

Document - 2009-08-12
To be fair she's supposed to be an adult. If she gets the "wife of" bullshit constantly - which I agree is bullshit - then perhaps she should've picked one of THOSE times to get pissy, instead flipping out on some dude that didn't parse a sentence correctly.

fluffy - 2009-08-12
To be fair it's not like she ripped out the headphones and had a gigantic hissyfit tantrum meltdown like people seem to think she did.


Document - 2009-08-12
To be fair her gender has shit all to do with it, and the fact that she was chosen to be a diplomatic envoy of the United States and flips out at trivial shit like this is a little more important than the combination of her chromosomes.

Calling the reaction to this clip misogynistic isn't just stupid, it's deceptive. Quit it.

Jeriko-1 - 2009-08-12
They seemed to think erroneously that Bill's hand was so far up her ass it would put Jim Henson to shame.

I like the look on her face. "Awww, HELL NAW."
Cena_mark - 2009-08-12
"My husband is not the secretary of state, I am"
Keep telling yourself that.
North Korea dissed you, but Bill just flies in there and frees the prisoners.
rev.dinosaur - 2009-08-12
Did you just applaud something that Bill Clinton did? Five, my good man, five.

Grace Mugabe - 2009-08-12
I like how you put that, Cena. As if he went in there like John Rambo with guns blazing and rescued them, rather than bowing and scraping like a shameful nigga.

Timothy A. Bear - 2009-08-12
Hillary, the Weight Watchers point counting system works fabulously.
Keefu - 2009-08-12
Turns out the student was asking about President Obama too! Oops!
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