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Desc:Don't know what an Appleseed event is? Neither do they.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Libertarians, Keene, NH, Ridley Report, Live Free or Die
Submitted:Helena Handbasket
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Comment count is 8
I'm not even going to view the video thereby leaving myself with the belief that the government is trying to shut down an anime convention.

About time they crack down on those.
4 for Ron Paul

...and this was as boring and unguided as a guest speaker at a church.
What the fuck? I still don't know what this event even is. The guy making the video doesn't know what it is obviously, but he wants it to happen, and he also me to move somewhere? What the fuck?
The Keene bit at the end reminds me of the Brian videos from Picnicface.

Suggested tags: "white people," "white people," "white people," "white people" and "aryan nation rules"
Oh, I'm also all in favor of the entire LIBERTY MOVEMENT moving to Keene, NH. Just like how all the white power kooks want to go live in buttfuck Montana and some of the crazy christian fundies want to take over South Carolina.

You guys get as far the fuck away from me as you can, and the gays and the liberals will have an AWESOME TIME while you're gone.


Stop inviting them here! Keene has a sizable POE contingency, as well as a thriving Libertarian movement.

I love how they included the damn mural they painted for the movie Jumanji in the video they are using to try to get people to migrate here.

Helena, you and I need to make a counter video to try to get POEple to move in and balance this shit out.

The white power people want to live in buttfuck Idaho, not Montana.


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