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Desc:he laid down some crazy verse
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:Bus, freestyle, rap battle, bus driver, xavier
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Comment count is 8
Robin Kestrel
"I want everyone to understand he's not acting that way because he wants to," Xavier's mother said. "He just can't express himself."

He threw that can pretty fucking good, though.

Okay, yeah, it's not cool to choke mentally challenged kids, I got it. But that driver got a harsh deal...they were going to fire her over an incident they helped create by not having a monitor on board the bus, which the special education department said was a requirement. She resigned.
freestyle indeed.
So are they saying that she shouldn't have done this, or is she being commended?

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Rape Van Winkle
Notice the kid's behavior improved after?

Mental illness is a serious problem. So is the problem of parents who allow their children to be falsely diagnosed, so that they don't have to take responsibility.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I don't think that kid was falsely diagnosed as being bipolar or mentally challenged. Bipolar kids are like that. My sister is bipolar and I grew up with that shit. They take breaks, freak out, act normal for a while and then try to beat the fuck out of you the next.

I feel sorry for the bus driver in this instance.

False diagnoses are pretty rare with shit like bipolar disorder; unlike something like Asperger's, there's a pretty strict set of symptoms, neurological flags, etc. I too had a sibling with bipolar and this kind of freak-out is standard fare, running the gamut of CRAZY CRAZY yelled at crying depressed CRAZY AGAIN WITH A VENGEANCE.

But I don't feel bad for the driver. There's a couple of steps between Stopping The Bus and Physically Assaulting Child.

one star for each step

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