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Desc:The show discovers the perfect way to deal with obnoxious sports fans.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:football, Mitchell and Webb, mitchell, liverpool, webb
Submitted:lieutenant halfabeef
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Comment count is 18
As a sports fan, I find this sketch awesome.
Mitchell-Webb is about 100 steps below Tim & Eric in my opinion. Just because they have British accents and a tireless laugh track, does not make for good comedy. I liked this sketch but they have many bad sketches for each good one.
...um...are you trolling...?

how in the hell can you even compare the two? and I'm saying this as someone who considers Mitchell and Webb Look and Awesome Show/Great Job! to be two of the best comedy shows still producing new episodes

I just think it's overrated. Little Britain is far better too IMHO.

you didn't answer my question. I understand you not liking Mitchell and Webb, I understand you liking Little Britain and anything by the Tim and Eric crew -

I'm asking for any single basis you could happen to have to compare any of the latter two to the former besides them being "both making a career out of trying to make you laugh"

I'm definitely now deeply involved in beating up French aristocrats and gypsies, since I really like Brotherhood of the Wolf.
Goethe and ernie
Post-Peep Show they've not been that entertaining, you guys can have them if you want
Everyone seemed to hate them when I posted Peep Show clips...now they are media darlings. So...whatever. Make up your minds POETV.

This was great. You guys are just pissed because you're those people who say "we" and you don't like being called out on it.

The rest of us cringe when you do it, we were just too nice to tell you. You looked so happy.
They went over my biggest sports pet peeve: The way people declare their undying allegiance to a group of people who are recruited from all over the world and usually have no real affiliation with the team geographically or otherwise. Not to mention those people will only be on that team for a few years at most in general.
ah im glad my boyfriend is such a sensible sports fan
Is it uncool to like sports on the poe Network?


What? I was responding to people's comments, not the video itself.

i think that sports have this ugly stereotype about them like being patriotic does where it is basically a nice thing tainted because of the fanatics in both areas.

theres this horrible link that for some reason if you enjoy watching or playing sports, OMG YOU ARE SO STUPID AND MUST BE A JOCK.

which isnt of course true, but it has that undertone? maybe?

someone more learneded please help me out here.

Joke's on Cabre, then, because I'm in terrible shape.

no I was definitely high and took that out of context

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