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Desc:I'd hire him.
Tags:great white shark, demo reel, ian pfaff, auto tuner
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Comment count is 11
I don't like it. Half-assed graphics and effects can be funny, but too much in this video looks that way.

And that this was submitted so soon after Cyriak's awesome work reel doesn't help it.
The Townleybomb
Who in the hell is this guy? I don't care about him. Is this monster.com all of the sudden?
Why else would someone post this video?

Because of this he just got hired by Valve to make dildo faced puppet women for Half Life 3.

This is POE tv , it's for aspiring animators and bouncers!
"It may seem a very specific niche market, but with our leading edge meta-search of bouncers, artists, bouncer-artists, and art featuring bouncers, we believe we can ride the digital wave to an exciting future in this modern movement-with-impact environment."
-Press Release

Are you ready to Bounce 2.0?

Bounce, and decide.

Nathan Barley?
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
I hate when people vote a video based on comparing its content to something legitimate rather than rating it on its sheer badness. Seriously his showing off his man tits is supposed to be impressive. NO AMOUNT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION EFFECTS CAN SAVE HIM
Even if you want to rate how bad it is I have to say it isn't even bad enough to be a 5.

Editor demo reels should either show you know how to put together a sequence or show your ability to design effects.

This does neither. Just a bunch of quick cuts and effects that aren't good enough to base a reel on alone.
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