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Desc:I think this sells the talent a little better. Bill Withers probably helped.
Category:Horror, Stunts
Tags:martial arts, Knives, nunchaku, knife-chucks, Also his balls are absent
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Comment count is 17
i bet he touches those knifes sensually
The next step of course is to go kill some Yakuza with them.
Somewhere, somehow, the writer of 8-Bit Theater smells plagiarism.
This guy is awesome. The 13 year-old who will imitate this will not be.
Or at least not his face after he imitates him!

Rev. Blackson Pollock
I beg to differ, the 13 year old self mutilation imitation attempt with lacerated face coverage will be awesome. Just in a different and, I feel, much more satisfying way.

I see no scars
Coming soon: flaming knife-chuck performance at a tesla coil music concert.

I'm sorry, I meant Zeusaphone concert. The name escaped me for a second there.

Well, this guy is cooler than I am. And while that might be true of a lot of people, it's not something I admit often.
I wanna go on the record as not thinking this is cool. It's dangerous, but for all the wrong reasons.
This man might not ever rank among my generals, but I'm sure I could find a place for him among my privates.
i don't want him anywhere near my privates

So this guy is very skilled and has good taste in music, yet I suspect he is a powerful choad.
Space Helicopter
Speaking as someone who knows him personally, He is constantly full of shit, but it's so damn sweet you could brush your teeth with it.

Great tune, and yeah the shirt/blindfold does sell the talent better. You can see the guy really get into it. Or maybe it was the music.
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