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Desc:Yeah it gets weird
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Old People, Wizard, romance, i like rape, edarem
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Comment count is 13
What's a pederast, Walter?
If I ever create a Neutral Evil Necromancer for a CRPG, it'll be modeled on old Ed here.

it is like my friend said, "the internet dreams and this is it's nightmare."
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
I was with it until about 2 minutes. Then I shit my pants. 5 stars!
It becomes high-octane nightmare fuel in like one frame at 1:58.

Syd Midnight
The last few seconds are no slouch either

This man needs a agent..He needs a Elvira type show. I wish he was my Uncle(not the one that touched me, but the one that just critiqued the one touching me). I need to take a nap.
He had one, 25 years ago. He was arrested for molesting his fans. Run the Google search.

Television after the nuclear holocaust
when we kiss
do you close your eyes
pretending that
i'm someone else


Rev. Blackson Pollock
This is what I thought was hiding under my bed when I was little.
Rev. Blackson Pollock
That and he sounds like Orson Bean from the 70's animated "The Hobbit".
Fuckin creepjob.

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