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Desc:From the '67 TV series. The invisible guy is 'Dr. Noah Body.' GET IT? GET IT? CAUSE HE'S INVISI-
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Stunts
Tags:spider-man, 60s, stupid, ventriloquism, silly
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Comment count is 18
Their actions are so poorly conveyed.

(Also, why does a 15 year old nerd from Queens sound like Adam West? I am so confused.)
At the end, how does that work? He never changes web. He just wiggles away on that one. Is it attached to a blimp?
I have the advantage, Spider-Man! I can see you, but you can't see me! All you can do is pinpoint my exact location based on how loud I'm yelling and the way I keep waving this highly visible gun around! My plan is flawless!
You have to admit it though, as far as supervillians go, "Invisible guy with a gun" is a pretty good shtick.

So is the invisible guy walking around naked?

spidey didn't feel much like fighting today
5 stars for Jameson rocking the Hitlerstache.

Also: floating gun. I don't know why I found it so funny, but goddamn. Floating gun.
5 stars for the midair web bat. They just don't make weapons like that any more.
Spiderman's been cribbing heavily from Green Lantern lately.

infinite zest
Poll: which is more mindnumbingly nonfuckingsensical: These cartoons from the 60s or the Japanese video games from the early 90s?
Answer: the Dutch dubs of these cartoons from the 60's.

These cartoons - they were at least implicitly overseen by actual Marvel production staffers, whereas with the video games you've got a bunch of Japanese dudes sticking their dicks into the mix, which produces an almost expected degree of "bwuh?"

Timothy A. Bear
'Dr. Noah Body' is John Cale.
So the original Goblin Glider sounded like somebody making fart noises with their mouth?

Good to know.
Caminante Nocturno
Actually, the 'invisible' foe is Gunno, the Living Gun. He simply fooled Spiderman with his equally amazing ventriloquism and his ability to rapidly sculpt webbing into a human shape with his mind.

Also, his mind is actually a bullet.
But not a dum-dum one would surmise.

Then what the fuck was going on when Gunno's hammer pulled back?

Oh jesus.

Their groins go "boooiiing", the way Kirk's ass goes "donk".
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