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Desc:Philip Michael Thomas has a drug freak out. In a supermarket.
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:pcp, flashback, ACTING!, Philip Michael Thomas, Death Drug
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Tubbs snap out of it!

I get this way when grocery shopping clean anyways.
^^^ Yeah seriously, fuck the supermarket.

Also, does one not remember when one smokes PCP? Like no "HOLY SHIT RATS ON THE ORANGES! Oh yeah, I'm high." Or why no "Whoa, far out, rats on the oranges."

Guess not, to answer my own question: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Lurch

Syd Midnight
I almost had to leave a Super K-Mart because I was too high to cope with shit once, that's why you should start with soft drugs so you become familiar with the concept of "too fucked up to go out in public" before you make an ass out of yourself like n00bmeister here.

See if he'd been allowed to drop acid at a rock concert at age 17 or something he'd know when it's a good time to go out and sit quietly in the car so you don't end up hugging Jesus except it's not Jesus it's a cop.

actually your stories remind me of the time my girfriend and I were in the market when she was both PMSing and trying to quit smoking. She raged over having to wait to pay for her need for a Snickers bar. It got thrown across the checkout aisle and she stormed out. We broke up about 2 months later.

"well time to go shopping with my annoying old lady... Better smoke some PCP to keep myself entertained."
Works as advertised then.
He'll never make his hallucinatory father proud of him with that attitude.
1:26--he remembers his own gratuitous ass-shot.

He was right in the intro. This was the role of a lifetime.
Rodents of Unusual Size
The woman's reaction shot at 3:34 was priceless.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Why the hell did she take him shopping? Bitch got what she deserved.... both of them
oh i get this one. this is just like when i get fucked up and post comments on here. just like it!
Billy the Poet
Too long. Everyone knows not to go to the supermarket high. You get home with six bags of oreos and a wedge of expensive cheese.
Tom Collins
Fray and Nephew overproof rum

punch drunk babies
Worst Benny Hill chase scene ever
5 stars in honor of "Trouble in the Grocery" week.
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