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Desc:Stroke guy contemplates joining his wife after seeing Nemesis.
Tags:star trek, TNG, stroke, pizza roll
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Comment count is 16
God bless you Stroke guy!
This guy makes Star Trek fun to watch. Now that's hard to pull off.
The last line of part 4 made me fall out of my chair, like literally, I have a caster that keeps popping out.
That last line is one MORE reason the latest Star Trek movie was better than all the previous.

In my circle of friends, mentioning Rick Berman's name must always be followed "that no-talent hack"
I never liked Nemesis, but it honestly never occurred to me how fucking stupid it was until I saw this.
lieutenant halfabeef
"Close-ups of Marina Sirtis..."

For an easy link to parts 3 and 4.
Also, the return of Ensign Common Sense from the First Contact review.

Billy the Poet
I thought he was losing it, until the pizza roll embargo and the ear medicine scam.
Sean Robinson
This adds up to like an hour and a half of maintaining a clever and interesting character.
Space cymbals!
Syd Midnight
I love this guy. He knows the exact second that it's time to drop a topic.
he's like the Xoxak of Star Trek!

or maybe it's that Xoxak is the this guy of shmups

either way, gold
This actually makes the Next Generation movies worthwhile in my eyes. If they didn't exist or weren't dumb as shit, these reviews wouldn't exist.
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