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Desc:This is your prize if you collect everything in the game
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:psychonauts, Tim Schafer, Double Fine, interspecies love
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Comment count is 8
-1 because so much collecting
Fuck you. Psychonauts is the best game of the last console generation.

No it wasn't. But it is a great game!

Caminante Nocturno
Psychonauts is one of the few games where collecting everything felt like an accomplishment and not a chore.

Maybe I should play this some day.
Louis Armstrong
No you should definetly play this. Yahtzee did a great and pleasent positive review of this that was dead on balls accurate. In truth this scene is niot worth the time it took to get everything, but destroying unsightly lamps is worth seeing and listening to two campers that have a suicide pact are just superb.

infinite zest
was this for Nintendo 64?
It was released for Xbox and PS2. The Xbox version can currently be bought in the online Xbox Live store for direct download.

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