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Desc:More Butterbean! This time he fights a Japanese MMA star about half his weight.
Category:Sports, Educational
Tags:MMA, Japan, Butterbean, Genki Sudo
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Comment count is 12
I might actually watch MMA if everyone was half as cool as Genki Sudo.
Tuan Jim
I'm shocked that butter tried to go to the ground with him.

All he had to do was turn in a circle and throw haymakers. Maybe he might connect. Then, he'd win. Maybe he wouldn't, then, he'd get tired and kicked a whole lot.

This seemed like a easy way out.
Rush Limbaugh vs. Damn Dirty Commie Bastard
fix those tags boy
Was my intention once the video made it out of the hopper. Sorry!

I've always considered Butterbean to be a favorite of mine, because he's sort of like a mini-boss. King Hippo or something.

Anyone who can't move quickly and perhaps take a super-strong punch will be destroyed by Butterbean, and rightly so, because the people beyond him (the actual super heavyweight champions) because they can hit as hard as he can, and actually move around.
By move quickly you mean walk?

j lzrd / swift idiot
HAHAHAHA, I could never quite put my feelings for Butterbean into words that would let people understand where I'm coming from, but then Aqeus nails it on the head. Also because Sodapopinsky is Mir.

I'm enjoying these MMA-fighters-as-Punch-Out-characters. Also, from a technical standpoint, yes Butterbean is horrible. But it's still hard not to like the guy for some reason. Him knocking out both Johnny Knoxville (and giving him permanent damage) AND that professional wrestler is admirable.

Syd Midnight
He's fun to watch lose because he's built so funny, and it's also fun to see him win because sometimes he catches someone with an uppercut and knocks them 10 minutes into the future.

Guys you aren't talking about how awesome Genki Sudo is.

This is the person who dressed up as Buckethead and had fire shoot out of the top before a match.
I updated the dead link with part 1 of 2, of the full version of this show (which includes the great opening and the entrances.) Part 2 is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeeeHZ332qM
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