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Desc:Atari 2600 masterpiece.
Category:Video Games
Tags:Atari 2600, bad video games, angry sun
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Comment count is 28
Billy the Poet
Fuck Bobby.
Is the jump noise the Woody Woodpecker laugh tune, or is that just me?
Is that music "Nearer my God to thee", or is that just me?
It's not nearer my God to Thee, but it is a classic church hymn.

Ooo, is it "You've got a friend in Jesus"?

That's the one!

Is it? I know it as a civil war era folk song, but I can't remember the title.

Anyhow, the first drug experience I ever had in my life was dropping acid and playing this game.

"What a friend we have in Jesus"

Actually, I misremembered, I was thinking of a completely obscure rural rockabilly song that uses the melody from "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" and has lyrics about a woman named Birdy leaving the singer.

Thanks Ponasty, I knew that wasn't completely right. Its the song the old black lady in "The Stand" plays right after she talks about god being a "big ol' railroad dick".

"Anyhow, the first drug experience I ever had in my life was dropping acid and playing this game."

thats quite a way to start

It was very satisfactory, as were the 7 hours before I played this.

See also:


It's like Super Mario Brothers, but without the fun.
So, it's like Super Mario Brothers, then.

No, Super Mario Bros. was pretty fun. I know you're into sticking it to classics and such, but really.

Someone paid like for this at one time.
Quite exciting, this computer magic.

I wish more people would show you how Atari games really looked on the hardware back then, extremely washed out and blurry, often on a black & white set.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Yes, the blurriness of it going in through the antenna on your TV set really helped your imagination. Also I had ET and pacman and combat. I would have loved to have had this game back then.

Everyone I knew loved Combat back then.

I still own two ET carts.

Blocky things are doing things. WHAT FUN.
Completed that platform jump? Well let's see what you think of THIS PLATFORM JUMP, Mr. Game Master!
I'm just glad Bobby made it home.
Killer Joe
Wait, was that the whole game?
This isn't any worse than Pitfall.

The stuff moving in the sky and the mountains and the colorful backgrounds are all a nice touch and not straightforward to do on the 2600. Someone put some love into this.

I guess what I am saying is that there is more creativity in this game than in the entire Hitman series.
Also the main character can jump, you will note that in Hitman you cannot, despite it being a common ability in human beings.

The gameplay is TERRIBLE, though. It's like Pitfall with latency.

It ends though. From what I remember Pitfall just keeps going on until you grow up and realize you threw your life away.

One thing can be said, and that is Bobby is certainly going home.
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