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Desc:Fox News' take on Frank's town hall meeting.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:spin, fox news, barney frank
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Comment count is 35
The Townleybomb - 2009-08-19
Needs an "alternate reality" tag.
chumbucket - 2009-08-19
every town hall needs to open with "Letsssss Get Ready to Rummmble!!!"
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2009-08-19

Why is Frank Grimes on Fox News? Seriously, this commentator is a weasly weepy vagina factory if ever there was one.
Xenocide - 2009-08-19
Frank Grimes here, I can't believe that Barney Frank was standing up to the town hall protesters! The very thought is giving me a nervous breakdown! Ah ha ha ha hah HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Hey, Sean, this just in! I'm Barney Frank! Oooh, I have a funny voice and have buttsex with men, but nobody minds! Give me a committee chair! Time to go home to my mansion and eat my lobster!

What's that, Sean? Am I okay? I'm better than okay....I'm Barney Frank.

What's this? "AIDS-infested man orgy?" Well, I don't need a condom, because I'm Barney Fra-

(smash-cut to a shot of Frank's tombstone.)

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2009-08-19
Come a bit closer. I want to make hot man love to your comment.

Riskbreaker - 2009-08-19
Let's make a 3-some.

HankFinch - 2009-08-20
I just want to watch

StanleyPain - 2009-08-19
I love how this segment of the population who would love to deny all sorts of basic rights to everyone suddenly get all FIRST AMENDMENT when someone ridicules them for saying something that would get them punched out in most public places.
Camonk - 2009-08-19
Personally, I like how now they're AGAINST deficit spending when it's potentially going to health care instead of killing sand niggers.

teethsalad - 2009-08-19
bring back the fairness doctrine
Rudy - 2009-08-19
I... I just can't do it. I can't look at his dumb face on the preview image and press play. I can't.

I guess I'm a coward.

I'm sorry.
Blolf Witzer - 2009-08-19
I am with you, Rudy. I don't want to feel the anger I will feel if I watch this video.

charmlessman - 2009-08-19
I think every time Faux News reports on Barney Frank, they should just play a soundbyte:

Oh Barney!!

And leave it at that. That's basically what they're doing now.

Also, notice they spent all their time showing Barney reacting to jackasses and dullards, but no time showing the jackasses and dullards speak. No, can't do that. That might show that Barney was justified.
Xenocide - 2009-08-19
Cantankerous is one of the best words.
sosage - 2009-08-19
That weasel "on the street" reporter made me think this was some sort of parody of Fox News for a few minutes. Like someone was poking fun at young republicans. Wait, this is real right? It isn't poking fun at republicans?
theSnake - 2009-08-19
HAHAHAHAHAHA they cut out the insane questions and only left his exasperated answers.
Vaidency - 2009-08-19
If Frank were giving those kinds of responses to totally normal questions I'd still like him more than most elected officials; just in a different way.

Toenails - 2009-08-19
"One audience member literally said 'Why are you putting us down?' Take a look..."

dead_cat - 2009-08-19
So much butt-hurt, and yet it's supposed to be the Democrats who are the pussies.

dead_cat - 2009-08-19
Now how did that turn into a reply, dammit

Toenails - 2009-08-19
Face it dead_cat.

You want me.

Midnight Man - 2009-08-20
*coke sniff*

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2009-08-19
phalsebob - 2009-08-19
Feelings indeed. It should come as no surprise that neocons are whining so hard. These are no doubt the very same chickenhawks that yammered on about how these colours don't run (because they are tucked in tight in their jammies at home).

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2009-08-19
Ahhh piss on me. I just submitted this in the hopper.
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2009-08-19
No can do. That's a different website altogether.

Sean Robinson - 2009-08-19
They also clipped out the fairly vigourous applause that Frank received after each deft insult.

Regardless, the best thing about this town hall is that Republican-type folks are explicitly adopting FUCKING LAROUCHIES as their own.

I expect Minority Leader Boehner to start lambasting the Zionist Anarcho-Syndicalists tomorrow.
Bort - 2009-08-19
Griff Jenkins tries to out-cool middle-aged gay Jew, fails.
Blaise - 2009-08-19
Pretty sure Griff Jenkins is in fact Nardwuar.
joelkazoo - 2009-09-01
Nardwuar's nowhere near as annoying (and that's saying something!).

Old_Zircon - 2009-08-19
"Here's a sampling of some of the questions we heard from the audience tonight"

Cut to montage of Frank's replys with all questions excised.
eatenmyeyes - 2009-08-23
A lot of his replies were questions. i.e., "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Senator_Unger - 2009-08-20
If anyone deserves to be talked down to, it's these ignorant assholes that show up to disrupt these meetings.
Udderdude - 2009-08-20
lol fox news
lol america
Persephone S. Tight - 2009-08-20
Griff Jenkins looks like every nerdy, douchebag villain in every 80s movie, ever.
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