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Desc:I've only seen the third one... Have they been this STUPID since day one?
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Trailer, sequel, why, Final Destination, hungry escalator
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The True Dale Earnhardt story.
Jack Dalton
Derivative crap... but I'm actually impressed... it might be watchable. But it's the kind of thing I'll probably end up watching the last 10 minutes of on TNT 6 years from now.

If murdering teenagers in a ridiculously over-designed Rube Goldberg murder machine is wrong then I don't want to be right

i think you may be missing the point of the final destination movies

the fact that the UNIVERSE ITSELF has nothing better to do than kill a bunch of teenagers in some of the most drawn out and elaborate ways possible does push the entire series into dark comedy territory

nothing, NOTHING can top the 'death by tanning' bed sequence in the 3rd one...except maybe 3d
Not even the highway pileup in 2?

One star for this movie, but I'll give a million stars to the first Final Destination. That movie was actually good.

of course, the point, just like the point of all movie previews on this site, is not to rate the quality of the movie itself.

"Have they been this STUPID since day one?"

Yes they have.
You missed out then. The third was definitely the worst (except for tanning bed).

Second was the best.
The opening scene for #2 making its way through the hopper right now is pretty impressive.

I only saw the first two, and their opening sequences were both exceptional and scarily accurate

are we talking car crash sequence here?

because that was wicked

Yeah, the car pileup in the second one and the first had a plane crash

punch drunk babies
wats it rated???
Also, never seen one.

Do they show every death in the previews?
Thanks to the previews I've never had to actually watch the movies

I never understood the hate for Final Destination. It's not trying to TOTALLY SHOCK YOUR SENSIBILITIES (hi Saw and Hostel), it's retarded cartoony violence with no point.

Kids in the next generation will hopefully watch the series with the same sensibilities as they watch Demons and other mindless bloodbaths, and I'm okay with that.

but yeah the third minus tanning bed blew

The universe is pissed.

Really pissed.
so after having done this, where's the 3D porn and when?
Jack Dalton
For those concerned about tanning beds--

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081018211532AAS9 qG2
I saw the first Final Destination in the theater while on a date. My date was a bit concerned with how angry I was when we left. I was mostly just flabbergasted at how stupid the filmmakers must have thought I was.

Though I suppose these would be great with copious amounts of booze.
Final Destination always bothered me on some deep level. The basic idea as far as I can tell is that god is not simply indifferent, he is a darkly sadistic being that actively sets about murdering every living thing. And if you escape, not only are you prolonging the inevitable -- because everybody dies anyway-- death actually keeps trying to kill you until you drop because, I don't know, you pissed off god by not falling into his trap.

Of course nobody involved with making the film ever really put that much thought into how horrible and bleak it all is, or I'd probably like it more.
Binro the Heretic
Who else thinks they're going to show the guy in the pool getting his organs sucked out through his asshole?
It looks more like an electrocution, but what you describe is the natural result of the interaction between man and pool drain so I'd say it's very likely.

punch drunk babies
That was in a chuck palahniuk short story, a pretty gross one if I recall...

Baby Finster
I'm not sure how a car wash foamy brush would be fatal.
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