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Desc:I assume his specific technique is secret and thats why its not shown in action...
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:seduction, pickup artists, peacocking, (point to schlong)
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Comment count is 18
So...I'm guessing they threw a PUA party and hired women for target practice? I mean he's got a camera guy and it sort of looks like a private party.
Does he ever have fun? This seems stressful and almost like work.
That's what I don't get about this. It's like these seduction folk are actively trying to remove everything fun from flirting - the spontaneity, the chemistry, the blank terror of failure that fuels the engine of alcohol-induced interaction - and I mean, what the fuck? When you remove those elements you've just got a second job. Seriously: when you go to a party but you can't get drunk or have fun because you want to try and hit 25 "sets" then what's the fucking point of going to a fucking party?

Have you ever seen a hardcore D&D player have fun? No.

I guess the vague possibility of getting laid makes it all seem worth it to some of these guys.

You should read "The Game"

It paints Mystery as a sociopathic robot.

...Everyone here should check out his television show The Pick-up artist.

This is how autistics deal with women, it IS fun for them.

GlennFinito's right. I downloaded the Game the other day because of his comment here, and I'm about halfway through. I think anyone who's on this site very often will find a lot to laugh about in it.

And as an added bonus, even reading half of it was enough that I just caught some fat guy with a huge beard trying to pull it on the girl behind the counter at the coffee shop I'm in right now.

Half an hour later and he's still going, this is amazing!

He just ripped this off of Mystery Men.
I can turn invisible, but only if no one is looking at me.
I don't get it. Why work this hard when doing nothing gets the same results?
He is not working hard. He IS doing nothing.

He is peacocking!

Earlier, or maybe later?, at the same party, he's still doing nothing. Probably actually still stalking the same two-set. No dude, you don't seem creepy at all.
Adham Nu'man
Nice hat.
When I tell a woman we should take things in a "new direction", she hears "nude erection" and gets all hot.
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