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Desc:Will wonders never cease?
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Rube Goldberg, Half Life, Indiana Jones, gmod, gooooooaaal
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Mister Yuck
Seeing as how the guy has an infinite toolset and apparently way too much time on his hands, you'd think he'd get more creative than doing the dominoes thing over and over with different materials. Plus, the proximity mines just feel like cheating.

Plus one star for the time this must have taken to set up.
This would have been easier to setup in real life.
To achieve it without a single "fuck you GMod" glitch is quite staggering.
All my stars for this video.

I have to agree with Mister Yuck on this one. Even in real life this show would have gotten old after the second dominoes sequence.

This wasn't more epic than any other gmod Rube Goldberg device I've seen, it's just longer.

If the end result had been an ouch my balls tag, it would have been worth more stars.
Autism tag?
The level of mechanical engineering and physics that went into the development of this system is mind blowing..
Heavens to Betsy, I've invented a kicking machine!
These stars are for the use of explosives and underwater part. I would love to see this done in real life.

It's fun for about thirty seconds, but then it's just BLAT BLAT DUH DUH DUH.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
I enjoyed it, but have to agree with fermun.
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