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Desc:Declassified Army Video on the 1954 U.S. nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll.
Category:Military, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Cold War, Nuclear, Army, nuke
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"This Video has been SANITIZED"

Holy shit, did the screams of the test baboons the moment they were atomized deemed too unsettling for viewers?
Syd Midnight
They left out the part where the locals got irradiated and a bunch of them died from thyroid cancer and leukemia over the next couple years. You can still see the crater on Google Earth. They blew those islands straight to hell.

Check out the chill dudes at 3:24 in Hawaiian shirts.

Freeman Gordon
It's always a pleasure when generals speak
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
MEN, ATTACK. I'll be right out in a minute.

Natives and personnel evacuated a day after the explosion. 5000 sq miles of lethal fallout. Planes placed close enough to see what the bombs would do to them. Sweaty men in short shorts.
I don't think they mentioned that the blast that sent fallout over the other three islands was expected to be 6 megatons but turned out to be over 15.


Mister Yuck
What is wrong with us?
The Mothership
Every effort was made to ensure their comfort and well being.

Also, B-36s
We're spending all this money, millions of dollars, to blow up the moon, when there are so many things here on Earth to blow up
Syd Midnight
Is that Mel Blanc doing the voiceover?
Syd Midnight
The Onion "This Dumb Century" headline was something like: "US Air Force Finds Last Place On Earth Untouched By War, Blows It Straight To Hell"

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