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Desc:Local 2009 News Clip about Possible Cold Case Murder of Mentally Handicap involving Bobby Joe Blythe
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:murder, Karate, Bobby Joe Blyth, Cold Case, Psychopath
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Comment count is 8
Bullshido is doing a witch hunt this
I don't know what kind of drama this video is dredging up, but if that crazy guy died, then then everyone that was present should be charged (with what exactly, I don't know), and the instructor and his black belt should get charged with murder.

I'm sorry, terrible issue, but Norma is hot in my opinion. She looks kinda tired though... perhaps jaded by the world of reporting, but I have a crush on her. And I've gotta tell the whole world.
That puts an interesting spin on watching this clip.

clearly she's tired from running through your head all night

she is just a little sore, having fallen out of heaven just for you.

Pure evil. Stomping a mentally challenged man who didn't want to fight in the first place must make people feel real manly.

"See, class, this is how you deal with people who come up to you, and they try to talk to you about something, and you don't really feel like talking to them right now. Works on door to door salesmen, girl scouts, and grandma as well."
Just don't use the technique on religious callers. Jesus sure is an effective sensei.

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