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Desc:Daniel Plainview impressions and ominous news concerning KFC.
Category:Humor, Humor
Tags:KFC, Patton Oswalt, there will be blood, Mega-Leg
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Comment count is 15
I'd kill to see an Flash animation of Mega-Leg's creation.

Wait. So Chloe Sevigny doesn't already have ass teeth?
No, I don't want to see that vid.

I worked for a market research contractor for KFC and we'd invite (and pay) people from all over Louisville to eat chicken done in odd experimental ways (weekly) and then tells us what they liked..along with age and wage demographics. Before you know it that stuff would end up in every KFC Express that they'd surgically implant into Superamerica gas stations (fill up your gut while you fill up the car)..and then the world.

KFC is evil.
Man, you have got to provide more information about this job.

Does your username have something to do with this?

The biscuit had me crying with laughter.
Yes :D
Someone actually had to order the bowl, then order the biscuit, then say "blarahglah, takes too long eatin' a biscuit by itself blgul. Just plop it in'er".

i love how remorseful Patton Oswalt is about being the ANGRY FOODS GUY and having no one to blame but himself, but the man has had a clear talent ever since his Black Angus bit.
That guy
One of the few famous stand-up comedians today who saves our souls from Mencia, Dane et al.
Hey, new material!
Corman's Inferno
Actually, this is from an EP that was only available during the 2008 Best Show on WFMU Pledge Drive, which also featured Patton covering "Take a Chance on Me" with Ted Leo, Ben Gibbard, and Best Show host Tom Scharpling.


He also did the megaleg bit after he recorded his new album in DC earlier this year- that album just came out too, BUY IT!

When I'm feeling sad, I shove it in deep.

If I'm feeling jaunty and prankish, I put it in at a rakish angle!
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