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Desc:You probably already know the story, but here it is straight from Ellison.
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:The Terminator, james cameron, harlan ellison, plagiarism, Prisoners of Gravity
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 17
Amazing, an Ellison interview and I don't think I was tempted to punch him even once.
Harlan once wrote speculative fiction about agreeing with him for once, so now he's gonna sue your ass.

Rick Green agreeing with a pre-recorded videotape of Harlan Ellison is oddly creepy.
It's like he goes out of his way to make sure people know he's watching a video tape but then tries to make it look like Ellison is in the same room as him, even though the room looks completely different on one side

That was the basis for the show Prisoners of Gravity. "Commander Rick" somehow gets stuck on this space station, which was a model that made old Doctor Who special effects look extravagant, and he spent half an hour interviewing sci-fi authors. They had Harlan, Spider Robinson, etc. etc. It was a pretty good show once you got past the goofy concept.

blah blah blah I'm Harlan Ellison and motherfucking Moses owes me money.
5 stars for YOU.

I saw Soldier once. It's a pretty good episode.
I agree that for once I actually agree with Ellison. That is amazing, I like some of his writing, but I think that he's usually such a giant ass.
I understand where he's coming from, and I fully support it and have heard it from other authors and had no problem agreeing with them, but he could probably say it a little less intensely and make me not as likely to want to punch him.
Demon with a Glass Hand is an amazing Outer Limits.

Funny thing is that this interview or whatever omits that Ellison also argued that Cameron "borrowed" from I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, as well. There was more backstory to Skynet in the original script, supposedly, about it becoming self-aware and collaborating with similar computers in Russia and China to wipeout the human race, etc. etc. which is also the back story of I Have No Mouth...

Who is that weird geek?

Not Ellison, the other one.
That was pretty interesting.
Michael Houser
It's totally fitting: giant asshole Ellison vs giant asshole Cameron. I'm glad Ellison got some cash from the deal - I nominate Cameron as the greater douche.
In the episode Soldier, it's cats that can recognize the enemy, can anyone confirm this dim memory of mine?
Also, does Demon With a Glass Hand take place largely in the Bradbury Hotel, a la the end of Bladerunner? I may just be senile at this point ...

Yes, Demon was filmed in the Bradbury. Well, parts of it anyway.

Reused stories in Hollywood? IMPOSSIBLE!
So many of these sci-fi guys are right-wing nutcase assholes anyhow.
Isn't everything for the last 40 years an OL or Twilight Zone ripoff?
Does the guy throw in "Acknowledgement to the works of Harlan Ellison" at the end of an interview just to be a dick?

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