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Desc:The man in the blue shirt is my new hero.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:Bus, crash, Also his balls are huge
Submitted:Time Travel Mishap
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Comment count is 18
I think the guy in blue was the DRIVER! He seems to hop out from the very front of the bus.

Way to throw the bus under the bus, jackass!
he's the driver of the small vehicle the big bus hit.

the door on the big bus stays closed

0:12 guy in a chariot.

That's south of the the texan border. Some kind of urban Amish community that uses horses and carriages made using car parts.
Totally ran that red light, too.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
India, methinks.

I was hoping it was a time travel mishap

Robin Kestrel
Seriously, this is the second or third accident video I watched with the expectation that it somehow involved time travel. The horse and wagon made sense.

Five stars for the barrel roll.
The two women on the sidewalk make the video. "Lalalala.. AAAAAAAAH!"
Louis Armstrong
hmmm, where is that bus......Cars stopped.....BUS!!no...two ladies...Wait I know whats going to happen....HOLY SHIT ITS BETTER THEN I THOUGHT!!!
punch drunk babies
Actually I did not have the same luck predicting it. Just kept thinking, how can a bus make a wrong turn here? From what angle will it OH LORD IT ALREADY HAS A CAR IN ITS HORRIBLE JAWS
Jet Bin Fever
Are we sure this isn't just an ad for a new Burnout game?
I imagine the bus bounced off the guy in the blue shirt in a rare display of superpower caught on film.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Well, it's too early for me to be witty.

Here's a bus crash. Can you dig it?
blue shirt guy is mystifying, but my favorite things about this video are the clouds and the way people swarm up like ants to a dead grasshopper
That guy in the blue shirt was TOTALLY doing a Peter Griffin there.

A few days later, the guy in the blue shirt slips and falls down a flight of stairs... As the ripple of life/death comes to a close.
Time Travel Mishap
If he fell down the stairs i would be more worried about the building he was in being damaged.

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