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Desc:This is from a Sacramento station. Awesome Tardis mug! Also: THE PRISONER!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Fashion
Tags:nerds, PBS, Doctor Who, tardis, The Prisoner
Submitted:Spit Spingola
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Syd Midnight
That's how we fund our public broadcasting systems, begging for charity from viewers, corporations, and the BBC.

BTW the last 5 seconds were be better than the previous 400 seconds.
Five stars for the Master skipping rope.
These are the same kinds of kids who now post on the internet talking about how rAnDoM!!! they are and *greetz and wavies* and VAMPIRE PENGUINS!!!!!!

Also, holy fuck, the fat person of indeterminate gender had an ALF doll wearing a Buckaroo Banzai headband. That's some nerd hobbyist diffusion.
Oh man this takes me back.

Back to 1987. When I was still in University. I used to wear Ian McCullough style hair and rainbow suspenders and then I saw one of these Dr. Who drives and my hair went flat and I started dressing like a Republican because seriously.
Doctor Who saves lives!

"Whovians" tag?

The laugh after she accidentaly gives away the trivia answer around 1:20 is incredible.

Especially if you're embarrassed about the size of your Tardis.

god help you if your mom moves faster than a slug, because shes gonna catch you at half tardis!

Dr. Who themed pledge drives were almost always embarassing. OK, scratch the "almost". Bearded guys wearing hats and scarves stumbling their way through the delivery of bad Who-themed jokes, constant close-ups of some Tardis themed knicknack available to those who pledged a certain amount, some person of ambigous gender wearing a goofy outfit...
Syd Midnight
"Look we found an announcer with a British accent! Just like Dr Who!"

As soon as the clip started I was like "Hey, that's from the Deadly Assassin." Then I stopped the clip and cried.
I would pay hard cash for a Dr. Who mug WITH sound effects.
3:32: hachi-machi!
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