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Desc:Puppies dressed as cats, puppies dressed as cats, puppies dressed as cats...
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:Conan, tonight show, what hell sounds like, CATegory, Dogegory
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Man Who Fights Like Woman
The Townleybomb
This mostly just made me wonder what kittens would do if you dressed them as dogs.
Maggot Brain
It is terrifying.

Louis Armstrong
I think this might need a what hell sounds like tag for the music.
You read my mind.

Five stars for bringing the music back over Conan's objections.

5'd to offset anti-Hulu faggotry.

Also, this is awesome.

you're being a tard, mouser

you think you are doing a righteous thing but all you're doing if futile tard whining

and now you're doing it like ryanowens
maybe he has his reasons. maybe his mom ran away with a furry who was a human stuck inside the body of a dog dressed as a cat. maybe he saw them making love and it broke him in a way that we will or can never understand. since he never explained that one star, i can only speculate horrible things.

Tuan Jim
So, his mom ran off with a fuhudoat?

That's a delicacy in the south.

Caminante Nocturno
None of the puppies dressed as cats were playing with the cat toys.
Some PA somewhere, should be thanked (read: paid) for the string across the threshold.
I for one look to a world where puppies don't have to dress as cats to feel self-worth. This catcentric society is damaging to dogs who don't fit the feline ideal.
Puppies are beautiful just the way they are!
HULU! *shakes fist*
Jeff Fries
The best thing about Hulu is that Canadians will never know how awesome it is.

5 for that alone.

shit no, i know it's awesome because it pissed off nationalists

five more stars

Please do not vote down a clip because of its source, just don't watch it.

this is a non-hulu link that should work everywhere:

http://www.tonight showwithconanobrien.com/video/clips/puppies-dressed-as-cats-082709 /1151669/

Screw Canada, Maple syrup chugging frostbacks
j lzrd / swift idiot
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