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Desc:KillaCommieForMommie opts not to make chili when he discovers Wal-Mart's source of produce
Tags:Israel, cooking, wal-mart, bigots, KillaCommieForMommie
Submitted:Vestigial Johnson
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Comment count is 19
Who puts bell peppers in chili?

So would peppers from Mexico disturb him because they might actually have some flavor or capsicum in them?
Caminante Nocturno
A real American would've put in dramatic music during the slow zoom into the pepper.
Bigotry is odd. It is textured and layered and varied.

Because even the most racist man in Texas would destroy this man for what he has done to chili.
So Israel is the enemy to conservatives now?
Israel is Super Awesome Amazing Awesome Land to fundamentalists, Home Of The Traitorous Jew to racists. It gets really funny when the two groups converge.

William Batty
You can tell it's from Israel because the stem is so short.
And it doesn't have a foreskin.

I had prepared a response to this thread but, nah. Let's not.

5 stars.

I'm not going to watch any of this guy's videos to determine whether or not he's anti-semetic crazy, but it is possible that he's just peeved that it's been imported from such a distance -- and therefore a protectionist crazy.

Not sure which would be worse, though they're not necessarily mutually exclusive.
KillaCommieForMommie (2 months ago) Show Hide
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Mostly because it spent 15 hours on a plane....Partly because we're supporting jewry.

Someone tell this guy to just shop at the farmer's market. He'll probably think the fact that he can only get in-season vegetables is because of the "zionist-run communist obama administration"

But then he'd have to deal with hippies and liberals. He's kinda stuck, y'see.

Doctor Arcane
Maybe he's just urging people to shop a their local farm co-op. In January.
Look at the guy's channel background...

Wow is his other videos. One involves huffing colloidal silver! See if you can find it amidst the other crazy.

Oh man chili is good! I wanna make some, now.
Goofy Gorilla
Your chili, anonymous Internet man? Terrible.
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