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Hooper_X - 2009-09-03

more like "Olympics, pokemon, FAGS" am I right?

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2009-09-03

2008!?!? Holy hell, I had no idea this thing was still a thing.

spikestoyiu - 2009-09-03

I see a lot of people way too old to be doing this.

baleen - 2009-09-03

I wonder how elastica feels about being the plagiarized backdrop for the Pokemon olympics.

UmbilicalFiend - 2009-09-03

it was a Wire song first

spikestoyiu - 2009-09-03

I wonder how Wire feels about being plagarized by Elastica who was in turn plagarized for the Pokemon olympics.

Yeah, I'm THAT guy.

Hooker - 2009-09-03

I'm going to be THAT GUY that points out that using a song isn't plagiarism.

spikestoyiu - 2009-09-03

They're not using the actual song.

Caminante Nocturno - 2009-09-03

Sure, it may seem grand and wonderful, until you realize just how many of these competitors are using performance-enhancing drugs.

Those guys you see walking around in lab coats are testing everyone to see if they're clean. Each of them are packing. You don't want to be unarmed in a fight with a strung-out Pokémon master.

RomancingTrain - 2009-12-30

And I bet their Pokemon are pumped full of illegal rare candies and carbos.

Longshot- - 2009-09-03

My stars are going to my wonderful teen memories of the very first pokemon game when it hit store shelves. I still remember the TV ads with Pokemon cramming into a school bus and thinking to myself, "That's an odd game."
I can still remember winning my first copy of Pokemon Red from the place I worked at a week after it's release. Those early days of Pokemon were great until the cartoons, the cards, the toys and the clothing showed up a few months later and it went from being a great new Game Boy game, to something only intended for children.

I still play it to this day.

chumbucket - 2009-09-03

these Olympics look pretty Special

phalsebob - 2009-09-03

This makes the Warhammer Grand Tournament look like a Led Zepplin concert by comparison.

Monchiles Monchiles - 2009-09-03

Thank you for putting it all into perspective.

Riskbreaker - 2009-09-03

Could somebody explain why Pokemon still continues? Why it hasn't died already? I never understood it's appeal, i tried to play one of the games and quickly felt asleep doing it.

CharlesSmith - 2010-10-28

That's probably because, and I'm going out on a limb here, you're not a child?

Jesus why don't you ask people to explain the appeal of Sesame Street. It's not FOR you.

13.5 - 2009-09-03

Man, with all those social dropouts playing against autism-spectrum children, it's like a chess tournament with really colorful posters

Jet Bin Fever - 2009-09-03


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