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Desc:It took great effort to bring you here!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:Force Field, TNG, data, jandrew edits, fwwwwooosh
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Syd Midnight
I'm afraid this is isn't a very good one :(
I disagree with that assessment.


I also disagree, although I think that strategically inserting the Mark Twain noises would have improved it.

Agree with Syd. Let's break into teams and solve this with a good ol' game o' capture the flag, in the park on Saturday.

Man Who Fights Like Woman
Syd I usually agree with you but this was hilarious.

Well, they can't be as good as "Flaunting Danger."
while i agree with Meerkat's idea, i still think this one is great.
This was such a horrible fucking episode (like so much of TNG)
It skirts the shark tank, then does a wheelie on your face instead...
The best part of this is that the opening shot implies this has been going on for god knows how long.
Dumb Lamer
It's like watching someone else play an adventure game. "Damn it, maybe if I click on the guy one more time something different will happen....Nope."
Caminante Nocturno
It's starting to dawn on me that this show may not have aged well.
Billy the Poet
Stop it.



Stop it.
I have no familiarity with this show, so in these clips I have absolutely no idea where the editing ends and begins, which somehow makes it so much better
...Is that the guy who played Mike on The Young Ones?
It's Saul Rubinek; he's been in a bunch of stuff, but not "The Young Ones".

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