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Desc:The silent run through with chris makes it oddly creepy
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Nintendo, resident evil, gameboy, GBC, Awkard Zombies
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Comment count is 14
Goethe and ernie
Hope it's not......... CHRIS' blood!
You were almost a Jill sandwich, but luckily the gameboy lacks the ability to accurately render a sandwich.
I can't even imagine how bad this would've controlled.
Probably, but it does look incredible considering the hardware limitations.

It can't be worse than the original controls.

^thank you, risk breaker

this actually looks pretty sweet

This really is pretty goddamned incredible for a gameboy colour.

pressed peanut sweepings
Developers twisted their nuts off trying to get the gameboy color to do things way beyond its capabilities.
William Burns
This is basically like porting RE to the NES, right? It's amazing that they were able to fake 3d this well.

Yet they couldn't make zombies that didn't fall only to their knees when they died...perplexing. that said i agree with you considering what the GBC was capable of this is pretty damned cool, Id have played it both being a Resident Evil nut, let alone out of curiosity alone.

I still ain't wanna play it, but on the other hand it hasn't got the awful voices.
That's not a good thing

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
IBM AT style
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