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Desc:I hear he also voted Republican.
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:crazy, church, Baptists, gender ambiguity in my bible?, musick
Submitted:The Faghorn
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Comment count is 19
Amen! Yes! Yes! Amen!
this looks like Pastor Steven Anderson... scary dude.
I'm completely taken aback that "Baptists" remains an unactivated tag.
Anachronisms 6:23--Then step thou from thy shower, and put on thy terry bathrobe; and walkest thou not through the streets of Chicago, except that thou first put on thine Fruit of Ye Looms, and thy suit, and thy wool overcoat.
The Book of Mormon is pretty much that plus some color illustrations of Jesus fighting in Valley Forge.

this made me very happy for some reason.

Also: Christians are begging to look more and more like trekkies arguing over cannon to me.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Is this guy's congregation like five people?
I only heard like one or two guys tops.

I think it's hilarious that there are still people who think like this.

Maybe he liked to wear a g-string under those pants.
I don't think Jesus would have appreciated a nice pair of slacks.
"Underwear" in Cracker is "Britches" which in Hebrew is "Breeches". This isn't rocket surgery people.
Bringing a brilliant New Critical approach to the NIV or whatever the hell shithead Bible he's using
there's no way he's not using KJV

Louis Armstrong
I'd like to see him come to church crucified. JUST LIKE JESUS DID!!!(no he didn't!)
Jesus also wore a new pair of sneakers to every game. Was it the shoes?
You gotta love a guy who can't even wrap his mind around the idea that a thousand years ago, people wore different things. It takes will, sheer will.
Wait, are preachers preaching against women wearing pants? It's 2009, I thought our crazy misogynist preachers were at least as far as voting now.
Billy the Poet
It is very important that we focus on ways that Jesus was like us, not ways that we could be like Jesus.
The Mothership
It takes guts to be this ignorant.
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