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Desc:Based upon the book where Mr. Darcy influences ageless Prince Caspian into a psychopathic monster.
Tags:Dorian Gray, Mr. Darcy, Prince Caspian, thespian
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Time Travel Mishap
huh....this doesn't look all that bad. I'm sure they will fuck it up horribly some how though.
A black woman?! Demonic monster!
By cutting "The Picture of" from the title, they missed a chance for a perfectly good pun.

And for that, THERE WILL BE A PRICE.
Dorian Gray: The Picture

It looks interesting.
Freeman Gordon
the book was awesome, this looks pretty alright
I don't remember the book having so much porn in it. But it has been a while.

This versus concrete block pulverizing Sherlock Holmes.

Way to show the face in the trailer, guys =(
one of my favorite pictures ever is Ivan Le Lorraine Albright's Dorian Gray - which took approximately one year to complete - is now owned by the Art Institute of Chicago.

fuck you cgi, you have nothing on that picture.
also did i mention he reminds of the guy who played that yellow bastard who in turn reminds me of that guy who played the really really scrawny kid in road trip?

i just dont find him pretty.

omg Twilight II!
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