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Desc:..but...but how does she walk?
Tags:beer, theft, black people, louisiana, grand theft snatchery
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 13
Shes not even wearing shoes.
i know!

infinite zest
sorry for the 3rd part; 2nd is the follow-up story. Multi-part submit is a wicked game we must play :)
And she waddled into our hearts.

The moment she had the inspiration for her plan must have been magical.
and rather than actually buy anything, she waddled up to the counter, cashed her welfare check and left
Freeman Gordon
Please let not be someone black.. please let it not be someone black... Please let it..... NOOoooooo!
The Townleybomb
Can't help it, the girl can't help it....
After this and Thuggin It and Lovin it, we need a "WTF Louisiana" tag.
Have any expeditions returned from Louisiana?
Lewis and Clark, I think barely though

pussy control
why did you change the title of the video?
Son of Slam
The new one is still wonderful.

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