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Desc:The whole episode had more evil. It's in the related vids.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:sumo, Horrible cartoon infinity, SFW Fetish Infinity, totally spies, death by cookies
Submitted:Rum Revenge
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Comment count is 16
Is it any wonder the French are behind this show?
Needs a fupa tag.
Rum Revenge
There's only room for so many tags, and I'm not giving up "death by cookies". But thanks for your, uh, attention to detail.

I don't think that's a tag that anything needs, actually.

Is the one in the red shirt always the victim of the transformations?
Rum Revenge
No, but she often is. The dark-haired one ends up becoming She-Hulk in one recent vid.

I stand by my opinion that the leader of this branch of UNATCO just has the girls thinking they are spies so that he can arm them with glue spray and inflating suits before sending them off to various fetishists who pay top dollar for the service.
Joss Whedon ripped off Totally Spies.

Caminante Nocturno
Maybe they realized how horrible the dialog was and put in all of the fetish material to distract from it.
It's only an effective triangle choke if you can situate the backs of the knees around the throat.
Between the old woman suddenly expanding and the related videos, I am filled with despair and dread.
My favorite theory is still whoever said that they put in the fetish stuff just to make it more anime-like.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This show is fucked up.
and to think! people complained about care bears and rainbow bright and jem!

Why are they fighting Mom from Futurama?
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