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Desc:It not only provides inverse reactive current, but can automaticaly synchronize cardonil granmeters
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:commercial, rockwell, Retro-Encabulator
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Reminds me of MAD Magazine's Rumba-Flex 2000!

Dupe. This one doesn't have the ebaum watermark though so only one star off.
Caminante Nocturno
I wrote my college thesis on this thing. The only reason they even acknowledge the dingle arm these days is because of my research.
Nowhere near as good as the preceding Chrysler spoof of the same text. Duped 1-star.
Time Travel Mishap
This.....this was not supposed to be created for another 10 years. aw fuck I'm sure this is gonna turn out to be my fault some how.

Ahh. I see you have the machine that goes Ping!
Adham Nu'man
I do some translating work, lots of the stuff I get is industrial machinery manuals that are pretty much like this. Interesting how, with modern research tools, you can accurately translate from one language to another stuff that is completely incomprehensible to you.
Wow. There are spec sheets describing this fiction going back to the 1940's. This is a remake of an original video filmed around 1990 which included a younger version of this same actor. This is geek humor from waaay back.
Side fumbling is the true enemy of encabulation, and any encabulation enthusiast/professional knows this.
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