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Desc:Best smokin' you ever had!
Tags:jed, Beverly Hillbillies, Buddy Ebsen, Grannie, Irene Ryan
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Resubmit:Love & Vomit

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Comment count is 13
Robin Kestrel
That banker feller sure has good taste in sophisticated smokes.
wtf japan
Oh please let there be a cigarette commercial week.
Syd Midnight


Caminante Nocturno
JEEEEEEEEE-cough hack cough hack hack wheeze

Rodents of Unusual Size
These commercials never portray the honest side of smoking causing massive congestion and thick phlegm...it's like they're trying to hide something!

Syd Midnight
To be fair, if you pick up smoking at age 75, you're not going to die much sooner

These commercials never portray the hot, sweaty fucking that occurs before they lit up.

Still better than advertising for McDonald's.
Jeff Fries
Winstons were my favorite :(
Jed's habit of descending into African tribal languages came up at the end there.
"Ya gotta smoke one to find out!" Well hell, where's my wallet?
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