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Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Jason Alexander, seinfeld, short and sweet
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Comment count is 27
Am I the only person who never laughed at 'Seinfeld'?
Caminante Nocturno
You are not.

No, I'm sure there's other humor-deficient people out there

I think most of the people who hate Seinfeld (well, besides the ones who just want to point out how different and unique they are) just didn't watch enough episodes to get to know the characters. It's not funny with no context.

Tuan Jim
No, I'm pretty this is objectively funny even without context.

Michael Richards opens a door and is wacky! Jerry Seinfeld wears a funny shirt and points out logical inconsistencies! George is a sad man! Elaine! Meh.

Seinfeld's a lot like the Simpsons, in that its early seasons are boring and painful. Unlike the Simpsons, they knew when to quit. If you only saw the early seasons, I can understand never laughing.

It kind of reminded me of the onion. Occasionally funny social observations with awful, dragged out executions.

And then Kramer falls down =(

Just didn't like the clip, -1 because of low quality.

Seinfeld isn't really about social observations, though. It's about four shallow, self-absorbed assholes with no points to their lives, and about how disturbingly similar they are to most of us. I guess if you prefer escapist happy feel-good humor it can be a bit off-putting. Well, you're in luck, because every Full House episode is now available on DVD!

Sienfield is essentially about social etiquitte trumping morality.

I remember laughing at some Seinfeld gags. This was not one of them.

Family Guy gets more laughs from me than Seinfeld ever did.

I liked how the show started like it was supposed to be some kind of subversive commentary on the American sitcom, and then it just quickly turned into the same, repetitive, bland sitcom bullshit.

What Stanley said.

Caminante Nocturno
Nice camera work. Whoever made this video has got a steady hand.
Yeah, could not find this particular bit with better quality, but I figured since it is 14 seconds it wouldnt matter as much.

It does.

He was probably masturbating while filming

Seinfeld is awesome, but not quite as funny as Family Guy!
yeah, that would be the troll line, son.

Keep on trollin'

La troll.

I thought the bad video quality was supposed to be a 1970's home movies look.

I have no justification for why I like Seinfeld beyond having seen Friends first.
wtf japan
Seinfeld is a fantastic show. Fuck you anti-Semites.
bakune young
george is gettin angry
I have mixed feelings about Seinfeld, but this clip is shit.
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