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Desc:From journeyman pictures, a report on the rise of the BNP in Great Britain
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:fascism, immigration, britain, BNP, britain has idiots too
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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that bnp councilwoman at the end was brilliant.

Dinkin Flicka
BNP: "We're the Sex Pistols of British politics. We just go to number 1."

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MICKUR1413 (44 minutes ago) Show Hide
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I am in a similar mind set. Should i ffel ashamed to think ou way of life is not only being diluted but , it seems , taken over ? The attempt to install espects of sharia law into our judicial system for me was the turning point . Weak willed , self centred politicians are not protecting our way of life and general codes of conduct .

For those of you who don't know, espects are to aspects what e-commerce is to commerce.
flipping colonialism on its back
"they REFUSE to adjust their birth rate to our birth rate" The BNP is officially angry that brown people are fucking more often than they are.
I'm not sure the BNP are a national embarrassment. They might be idiots but I'd rather have a democratic system where people whose views I don't agree with can be heard as well.

A national embarrassment would be banning them because some people disagree with them. After all, if they're winning seats there must be the will to elect them. Regardless of my opinions on their politics I can't stand in the way of democracy.

Democracy should certainly be held in high regard, but it does reflect poorly on the citizenry that given a choice, they would pick agoraphobic jerk-offs. Unless the other options were reptilians or something.

reflects poorly on the people, but not the system

Syd Midnight
This is probably a good video but how difficult is it for people to make sure they don't have a blank audio channel so people using headphones or earbuds can listen to them?

It's not this video in particular, I just skip vids with sound in one ear only. Youtube should have a "mono sound" button to prevent this.
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