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Desc:Interesting documentary about laws of nature and how they indicate intelligent design
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:ID, design, intelligent, lee strobel
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Comment count is 19
Patton - 2009-09-14
How dated is this? ID has been blown to bits.
HarrietTubmanPI - 2009-09-14
Shh, the Discovery Institute isn't aware of this yet.

Sputum - 2009-09-14
I heard a recent statistic that only 39% of Americans believe the theory of evolution.

I'm not going to watch this video because I still haven't gotten over the anger and pain that caused me.

Gommorrah - 2009-09-14
Keefu - 2009-09-14

voodoo_pork - 2009-09-14
Also known as "Logical Fallacy: The Movie."
glasseye - 2009-09-14
Or "No really, people actually believe this shit" the movie.

MongoMcMichael - 2009-09-14
hay guyz in teh future, our carz will run on water!
Riskbreaker - 2009-09-14
Is this from the "What the @∞! do you know" or something like that?
Johnny Madhouse - 2009-09-14
I voted this up in the hopper so I could read the ensuing vitriol in the comments.
memedumpster - 2009-09-14
Me too, it's fucking awesome!

Vaidency - 2009-09-14
Of course, the case against the creator is far simpler.

Occam's Razor: the simplest of competing explanations is the correct one. The will of an omnipotent and conscious force that predated, created and exists outside all rules governing the universe is the most complicated explanation possible for anything. Therefore, it is always wrong.
dgraham - 2009-09-14
Seems simple to me...

I like how they lie about how "all following attempts to recreate Miller's experiment failed".

StanleyPain - 2009-09-14
"Interesting" how? As in really stupid?

Obviously the universe and the laws of the universe were "created" somehow. The problem is, science seeks to understand the hows and whys, whereas Intelligent Design is just a shitty attempt to try and ignore and minimize science and go with the old logical fallacy of "things exist therefore GOD AND JESUS."

It's like saying that because a car exists, the car is PROOF that thousands of little magic elves built it because obviously something had to put it together, so it is proof that magic elves build cars. Sure, we can point to the evidence that humans actually engineer and BUILD them ourselves, but I'd rather believe that the whole process is helped along by and impossible without the little magic elves, therefore they exist!!

Baldr - 2009-09-14
I read the book this is based on.

Lee Strobel is to religious journalism as Thomas Friedman is to economics journalism.
Pillager - 2009-09-14
Man, that's harsh.

I'm not doubting you, I'm just saying.

Kieran27 - 2009-09-14
Ahhh, Lee Strobel. I like him for two reasons. First, he again fulfills the usual creationist criteria of not having anything approaching a science degree but has "an inquistive and questioning mind" and "isn't afraid to follow the truth, no matter where it leads."

Second, I love how he has that smug grin on his face all the time. The kind you yearn to smack off his face. And I always get a grin when science comes along and does just that. Repeatedly.
TeenerTot - 2009-09-14
The opening metaphor of smashing his toy to bits to investigate its delicate inner workings seems apt. Do I even need to watch the rest of this now?
Syd Midnight - 2009-09-14
Evil enough. Without stuff like this, there'd be no Not Yahtzee. I would love to sit and watch this with people if it meant I could then rebut with an hour of Potholer videos.
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