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Desc:I kept on messing with filters until I was able to get that real leaf to look like an actual drawing
Category:Arts, Business
Tags:logos, graphic design, photoshop, needs lens flare, John with Expert Village
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Comment count is 10
The Townleybomb
Wow, that was certainly a below-average educational video.
I think that's the point.

Fuck, this is USELESS in showing me how to make a logo! How am I going to learn now? You've failed me, PoETV!

dude he's an expert

Calling Donny.
God, I have to deal with this shit all the time. Just today I had to deal with "art director" whose idea of a set design was like the stage-art version of the Kwanzaa Cake.
"Very subtle".
By which he means that he managed to avoid both the "plastic wrap" and the "neon glow" filters. God help us all if he every discovers Alien Skin.
That's the color palette of the damned, right there.
It's always a nice surprise when an embarrassing description is word for word in the video.
This man, apparently, has yet to discover the "History" feature in Photoshop
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