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Desc:Bub and Bob beat Master Chief in an online popularity poll, and this guy WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:failure, Halo, buttery tears, Bubble Bobble
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Comment count is 27
Udderdude - 2009-09-09
Bub and Bob walk all over that faggot.
RocketBlender - 2009-09-09
"I study video games religiously, alright?"

Jesus, Xeno, where'd you dig this guy up?
Xenocide - 2009-09-09
You know how everyone in the universe has that one friend who constantly emails them links to stuff they found amusing?

Mine is an epic nerd. But it's okay because he also enclosed this:


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is not to say that I am not also an epic nerd.

cognitivedissonance - 2009-09-09
He has a point, Bub and Bob never speak and just move through repetitive environments murdering the same four enemies over and over.
BillFisto - 2009-09-09
"I, like, I study art religiously, alright, and maybe this "Rembrandt" is before my time, considering the fucking fact that he originated in like 1606, okay, but the fact of the matter is even if he did originate in 1606, I still know some painters from, you know, way back then, but I'm here to tell you I've never heard of Rembrandt before in my life, and by the look of these swirly finger-painty paintings, I'm pretty sure that they're the gayest things I've ever seen in my life."
Hooker - 2009-09-09
Rembrandts were kinda gay, though.

Stog - 2009-09-09

This is the voice of the 'buttery tears' tag.
William Burns - 2009-09-09
"Master chief" is more of a prop than a character, really.
RomancingTrain - 2009-09-09
CoD sure is an indie favorite.
RomancingTrain - 2009-09-09
From the Halo fan's YouTube page: "Understand that everyone has their own opinion; mine may differ from yours but there isn't a single person who is correct. "

poorwill - 2009-09-09
Bub and Bob teabag this worthless bag of dicks for all eternity while the Bubble Bobble theme plays on loop.
poorwill - 2009-09-09
The poeTV motto should be: "Now, it is beginning of a fantastic story!! Let's make a journey to the cave of monsters! Good luck!"

endlesschris - 2009-09-09
You're going to see a lot more videos of this kind now that 4chan has also voted Little Mac to a narrow victory over Final Fantasy's Cloud Strife.

Fanboys care about this shit for some reason.
Xenocide - 2009-09-09

4chan is finally using its powers for good.

endlesschris - 2009-09-09
Nevermind. I haven't played video games seriously in like four years but I still feel my fanboy rage bubbling over. I want to beat the hell out of this kid simply for being wrong.
Camonk - 2009-09-09
His way to explain this situation is with a sports metaphor. Ha ha. Yeah, good luck appealing to hard core game nerds that way, dipshit.
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-09-09
5 just for Yoshi Baby Fucked Up Characters.
Adham Nu'man - 2009-09-09
"Shhhhhhhh, listen... The squealing sounds of virginity"
chumbucket - 2009-09-09
he will likely (as will I) want 6 more minutes back on his death bed
robe - 2009-09-09
replace "bub and bob" with "Barack Obama" and "master chief" with "John McCain" and it's cena mark.
MovieCritic - 2009-09-09
"Why do you hate Halo?"

Because of motherfuckers like YOU! You are a MURDERER OF JOY!
Sick Man - 2009-09-09
This guy calls himself Tyler Durden.
He video records himself making prank phone calls and hides from comments.
memedumpster - 2009-09-09
Halo has its own permutation of Monopoly, I am not kidding.
Toenails - 2009-09-09
This guy has never heard of Bubble Bobble? Is he 12?

BTW, Snow Bros. > Bubble Bobble.
oddeye - 2009-09-15
How can you study videogames "religiously" and not know about Bubble Bobble?

Next he will complain about people voting for Dizzy cause he is "a character no one has ever heard of".

P.S. CoD4 is a far better game then Halo 3. O yeah I went there sista.

Cherry Pop Culture - 2011-12-28
I don't hate Halo. I hate Halo players.
Gmork - 2013-07-26
Halo was originally an RTS/Third Person shooter combo on the PC.

I was a hardcore mac player, on bungie.net (the game server for Myth 1 and Myth 2).

On april first, Bungie announces on bungie.net with the blue announcement banner that they are being purchased by microsoft.

It was not an april fools. You can blame microsoft for Halo turning into what it is. Halo isnt that awful, but when you give bungie less than a year from acquisition to the launch of Halo 1, you now have halo 2 and every following game being a clone of the first limited-scope game that was only really hobbled together at the last minute.

Bungie had much bigger plans for Halo. Destiny is probably going to take up that mantle, if it doesn't suck.

Remember, Bungie only has like three actual oldschool bungie employees left - Jason Jones, Matt Soell (who is just a PR guy, not even a content designer), and some sound guy from Total Audio.

I'm starting to think the people they hired for 343 industries are actually a better choice for making Halo - 343 are made up of nerds who wanted to work AT bungie, therefore i'd give them more credit for knowing bungie lore from marathon, myth and such than I would the "replacements" for bungie vets that are currently making games for bungie studios.

Basically, I think 343 might be better at evoking the spirit of the Marathon games than Bungie is right now. That's kind of sad.

Halo 4 had plenty of marathon references. It made me kind of happy to see the old marathon Octagonal Platform of Never Ending Cyclage. AKA "doom style platforms" that never stop going up and down. As someone who has made plenty of Marathon levels, I have made that exact platform type many times.

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