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Desc:Traveller brings back unwanted memento...
Tags:bot fly, Cranium, suprisingly calm
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Comment count is 13
Michael Houser
Whoo! Bot Fly! The Third World is full of magic and wonder!
"So, I've been back from Balize for about OHHHH GOOODDDDDD!!!!"

Also I don't know what is more gross: the bot fly or the disposition/relationship these two people share with one another. I bet they have the most mechanical sex ever. Jeez.
Syd Midnight
This would make some great out-of-context audio.

she seems about as fun as a sandpaper sponge bath
I really want to remove a Bot fly at least once in my life.
I am not watching this.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This is very, very tame compared to the screwfly larvae one posted sometime last year. That was the nastiest fucking thing I've ever seen. It was a colony of screwfly larvae burrowing deeper into the side of some poor kid's head down somewhere in South America.

Fortunately for you the video is nowhere to be found on YouTube anymore.

I wouldn't have thought there'd be that much flesh to house something that big on top of a person's head before it hits bone.
Mister Shady
So, let me get this straight. She went to Belize to intentionally have a Bot Fly larva gestate under her scalp? All so she could make a video to advertise her website?

-1 star for being such a camwhore. If I had a parasite growing in my head I wouldn't be worried about fucking tri-pods, talking into the camera and making sure it's "in frame".
True dat.

written and directed by David Mamet
This gets all of my stars
She seems all into nature. If nature did this to me, I'd want to burn it all to the ground.
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