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Desc:You can't wise off to a ref like that!
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:NFL, onion, Jacksonville, jaguars
Submitted:Torture the Artist
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Comment count is 11
I honestly expected this one to putter out after 30 seconds. Imagine my chagrin at the "trying to catch wind in a sieve" line. Though they did misspell sieve. "Sounds like the only waoy out for them is suicide" saved the last star, though.
"going east, to toil"
If this only led to a 5-11 season, what happened to the Lions?
they all read "Atlas Shrugged"

I hate the fuck out of this and love it at the same time.

So five stars.
This is the best one they've done.
That was unusually perceptive for the Jacksonville Leopards.
wtf japan
Caminante Nocturno
Archaeologist finds ancient people lived under a lot of sand.
Almost as good as the Denmark tourism ads thing they did.
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