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Desc:Oh, my sweet baby Jebus!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Siskel, Ebert, robin williams, painfully unfunny, Patch Adams
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Comment count is 19
Jeff Fries
Maybe Siskel should have tried laughing
Jimmy Labatt
+5 for "Punch Adams"
Caminante Nocturno
Ever since the 90's, Robin Williams has been like a serial killer who found a way to murder humor.
He collects the skins of jokes and leaves then hanging in his attic.

James Woods
It puts the laughter on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

Cocaine used to play a great show at the Robin Williams back in the day.
William Burns
Mrs. Stabfire
I'd call the cops, too.
Oh boy! I think today I'll head over to poetv and watch some siskel and ebert reviews.
It's okay, dude, because this clip is here to make us all glad we didn't actually SEE this awful movie. We really dodged a bullet by avoiding this, didn't we...? Oh... OH... oh, I'm so sorry.

I'll leave you alone now.

This is opposed to baleen's ideal PoeTV
"I think I'll go to POETV and watch a documentary about Iran."
"I think I'll go to POETV and watch some Tourette's Guy"
"I'll go to POETV and watch a guy drink Smirnoff's"
"I'll go to POETV and watch some scenes from 80 year old movies."
I may be drunk but your high horse is old and boring and should be shot

I wasn't thinking that either, but I always said I'd never turn down a Siskel and Ebert review, and goddamn it I meant it.

Camonk you have read too much into my comment about siskel and ebert reviews.


I'm looking for producers for my short film, which is a cross between "Patch Adams" and "The Exorcist", wherein a lovable outsider priest bucks the establishment and spreads joy and whimsy to those who need it most: the demon-possessed.
my cat is available. he is good at hitting random buttons on my laptop that bring up from time to time the webcam.

Patch Adams was after Good Will Hunting, and he plays the STUDENT?

Spit Spingola
I was kind of shocked to see him playing a really old student as well, and hitting on some girl half his age.

Patch Adams's son went to my college around the same time I did. Seeing the real thing(the hippiest hippie who ever lived) compared to Robin Williams is nothing but bizarre.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This...this was based on a real guy?

Holy sh...it was? Really? That is mind blowing.

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