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Desc:An awesome, crappy pirated cabinet your Chuck-E-Cheese knockoff probably had
Category:Video Games
Tags:Street Fighter, Chun Li, Rainbow, miak, fireballs everywhere
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Comment count is 18
what the hell is going on here?
Linux-fu, of course.

I was hoping there'd be rainbows instead of gushing blood.
Oh man, I remember these. There was a "Black Belt" version of Championship Edition in my local shopping centre where pretty much everything you did resulted in a hadoken. It was broken and terrible.
Street Fighter: director's cut.
"Sonic boo!"
Almost all of these disasterpieces ended up in MAME. Also one of the main inspirations for CPS 2's protection overkill (Hello, suicide batteries!)
6:09 Blanka v Vega is some Fighter Maker shit right there.
FUCK. Blanka hit E. Honda so hard that he turned into Guile.
Aubrey McFate
Slapped the Japanese out of him

Caminante Nocturno
I can't imagine how I would've reacted to this if I'd played it as a child.
I've seen a couple of these, once while attending a cousin's birthday party at an actual "Chuck-E-Cheese" wannabe joint. It was in a beat up looking cabinet, and apparently working but a shakily handwritten "Out of Order" sign was taped over the coin slots.
I'm sorry, you have to be Guile. Let me switch that over for you. I also love that the winning strategy seems to be "hope the computer doesn't turn into Vega and wallthrow you to death."
world's first Dadaist fighting game
This game has many things in common with guilty gear.
What's the matter, too ULTRA METAL FIGHTING ACTION for you?

I actually own this arcade board. It is fun for about one round. By the third round Street Fighter II is pretty much ruined for the rest of the night.
Dr. Lobotomy
A comic book store near my high school had one of those pirated cabinets. For some reason, jackasses lined up to the machine and every single one of them would take E. Honda and spam his hacked mobile hundred hand slap nonstop. It didn't matter if you blasted them to pieces with projectiles they just kept coming.

I still hate Honda to this day.
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